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Dunoon at the start of the month as you know wasnt a great start for me, then we had Paisley 2 weeks later and what a difference, I got a PB I felt great woohoo!!

Its been the first month of Jiggly Joggers Food & Fitness and let me tell you boy do i feel a difference when i am eating well and training well. It is so important to be fuelling your body effectivelly. So many people think by dropping down to 1000 calories and under that this is going to be the answer, the likliehood is you are short on energy, tired and pretyy miserable. Its not a sustainable long term solution. JJF&F offers support and advice, not doing the work for you but coaching you to discover a new relationship with food and exercise, planning the week ahead and generally helping you live your best life! Its hard work, i am not at any time going to tell you that anything is unlimited, but you can have anything and everything in moderation. The ladies who have come on board so far and doing a fantastic job and seeing real sustainable results.

So Cumbernauld 10K and Great Scottish Run soon fingers crossed i can get closer to that 1:15 i would love to see.

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