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Jiggly Jogger Food & Fitness

Hi folks,

I’m alive!! It’s been a while, again not intentionally it’s just been busy busy!


So what’s this all about and who is she…… will she be any better?! Question questions questions, let me have a go at answering some of them then!

So I am Elaine, aged 41, wife of James, mother of 2 humans and 2 dogs and constant battler of the food! I have a condition called Hashimoto Thyroditis however I am not going to bring that into the equation at this time!

After I had Amy and had pretty much locked myself away for a few years I decided that my weight was out of control and it was time to get it in line! So off I trotted to Slimming World, happy as Larry with my decision! Now before I go any further please understand I am not bashing any weight loss companies or products at anytime because I believe that everything works for someone but not everything works for everyone. I am happy to recommend several SW groups locally and as far as Sheffield! (One of my best friends is a consultant there and she is fab 📷)! If it wasn’t for Carinnas group in Easterhouse I would never have met some of the best people I could have ever met and through that I have real friends for life!

So why chuck it?! Because over a 8 year period I paid a fiver a week to be 3lbs lighter than l was when I started and in that time going up and down like a see saw! That particular plan feeds 2 of my weaknesses………my laziness and my greed! Laziness because there is barely any weighing and measuring and greed because the emphasis is fill your boots!! So for me it’s a disaster because when I did fall off the wagon I still filled by boots 📷 so as much as I am grateful for all the support I had and the great friends i made that particular eating plan wasn’t sustainable for me!

The weekly weigh in was becoming a real negative too………..I could hear the funeral march playing in my head everytime I stepped up to be tormented by the number! And what did the number tell me…….it told me how heavy i was, it didn’t tell be any information about body fat, muscle, water or general health! 1lb of fat is the same weight as 1lb of muscle but a very different shape it didn’t tell me that!

So that was making me pretty miserable so what does a person with food issues do when they are miserable…….well this one eats rubbish usually and then the cycle begins again!

Something had to change…….and that’s when I decided that actually focusing on excersise is where I needed to be at this point! Jiggly Joggers was going from strength to strength but I wasn’t because again I wasn’t eating well enough to excersise efficiently, my body needed to be fuelled appropriately in order to be able to keep up!!

My education on food was pretty poor so what else to do……learn about it! And that’s what I have been doing, I have been doing a professional diploma in fitness and weight loss and have now started one in nutrition to compliment what I have been learning. I am still overweight………but I feel great! I am eating well, because I am not denying myself the things that I like but I am controlling the things I know are not so good for me and my triggers! I am excersising 4-5 times per week and I am making it part of my life rather than just a thing I may do if I have time. Now the excersise won’t give me a weight loss on its own, I have to keep in control of my eating and keep it in a calorie deficit to lose the weight but what the excersise does for me is tone my shape and give me a time to recharge my mind and release lots of endorphins that make you happy! I personally am using photo evidence to track my progress at the moment! Seeing a physical difference really boosts me rather than hoping each week the number on the scale goes down.

So if you are still with me and haven’t fallen asleep this is why I am starting my Jiggly Joggers Food & Fitness programme. I know what it’s like to have anxiety surrounding food, I know what it is like to struggle with greed and binge eating, I know what it’s like to be disappointed by the number, I know what it’s like to want a magic wand and make it all disappear, I know what it’s like wishing that fairground ride bar would come in a little bit more, I know the struggle! However all that said I never in a million years would have said that getting fit would have been my salvation! I love it and you could love it too! If it’s all new to you, we could start a programme where you didn’t even have to leave the house!

I will run the programme through email/Facebook group, everything will be personal to you, the difficult bit is it will be hard work to begin with, creating new habits, taking time to plan, taking control and executing it but it will be worth it in the long run!!

Any questions send me a message,

Best Wishes,

Elaine xx


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