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Jog Scotland Group of the Year

Well what a year! A year like no other I think you would all agree!

For the Jiggly Joggers it has been a fantastic chance for us as a group to really blossom and show the true Jiggly spirit shine through, we have bonded as a group and have welcomed new members it just been outstanding and to top it all off we won the Jog Scotland Group of the Year! I am so proud of our group and how we all embraced the uncertainty.

Thank you to each and every Jiggly xx

Please take a read at the article below to see how we got through 2020 and came out stronger! Jiggly Joggers is a group where we hope you come along and leave knowing you have found the right group for you. We are currently taking on new members who can run 5K and above and we will be bringing back our Couch to 5K in do not need to have any running experience at all, we will take you from walk/jog up to 5k and beyond. I look forward to 2021 and the positives it can bring.

Elaine xx

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