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Maw Jiggly's Marathon Musings!

If it doesn't scare you, it won't challenge you..........this is going to be one hell of a challenge then isn't it eek!!!

So when I decided to ask if any of the Jiggly's would like to do a Marathon I hadn't really expected myself to be one of them.

So what's changed??

How have I gone from struggling to get through a 5K to truly believing I can complete a Marathon?

I want to do it, pure and simple as that. I would actually like to do a Marathon, now please don't be under any illusion that this is going to be a graceful, gazelle like experience, if I can get sub 6 hours I reckon Team Scotland will be looking to sign me up hahahaha!

We have a small team piloting it and I could not ask for a better bunch of girls to be sharing this experience with!

Now I am not ready to be running a Marathon in my present state so for me this is going to be a year long journey of preparing my body and mind to be able to undertake the might that is 26.2 miles of the Edinburgh Marathon! I am booked and have parted with cash so that for me is a done deal, the start line awaits...........and the finish line will be crossed or crawled over........I'll finish by hook or by crook!!

The way I see it I have 3 challenges that I have to work with or overcome to be successful:

  • Wonky Thyroid!

  • Mind!

  • Body!

I can hear you all now, time Elaine, time will be a challenge, no folks it won't, because I have made the commitment to myself that I want to do this, therefore my life will be planned with training as a given, my family are willing to support me, pick me up and dust me down as required, so for me time is something I can be in control of. Let's be honest, I do love a bit of organising so suits me down to a tee!

So let's look at the challenges:

Wonky Thyroid: My medication seems to be doing it's job at the moment, I still attend the hospital once a year to get checked so for me unless anything drastically changes keeping my body working hard will actually have a positive affect on my thyroid and fingers crossed it doesn't prove to be a hindrance.

Mind: One of the biggest battles in running is not that your body can't do it, it is that your mind takes over, self doubt creeps in and before you know it you are walking and getting all annoyed at yourself. This year I promise myself to use positive's in everything I do and always keep that glass half full, now this will be a challenge because I am my own worst enemy! I believe in everyone but myself, so that changes more moaning Minnie, big girl pants on and off I go!

Body: I weighed myself 5 weeks ago and was actually horrified at the weight I had put on. I haven't been this heavy since I was pregnant with Jacob and I am talking towards the end of my pregnancy with my 10lb 3oz boy inside me! I made the tough decision to sign up to Slimming World online and get to work at shifting some of this bulk. Now I am a huge advocate of plus size running and fitness and I believe anyone can run but let's not dress this up, it is hard, I am currently looking to shift 6.5 stone, yes stone not pounds actual stones! I have to be realistic, I don't want to take on a Marathon at this weight, I won't enjoy it, I will struggle and I won't be able to let the mind win over the matter. I have lost 11.5lbs so far and I plan to keep going until I reach my target. I bet there are loads of you out there who are like me, lose 3/4 stone start to feel like you are a super model, so add a wee treat in here and there, another the following week, another the following week and boom back to the start and off we go again on the vicious circle. One thing I did discover and am ashamed to admit is I was becoming a secret eater without even realising it. When I cleaned out my car during lockdown I was so embarrassed to see the amount of crisp packets I had inhaled! No more of this nonsense! This body is taking on a Marathon so I need there to be less of it!

I have picked a few photos today to attach to this blog to remind me what I have not been happy seeing (not happy with me btw not the other girls lol) , the only person that can make the change is me, so I am taking you all on the journey with me because accountability to others is always a huge help and although I have found it a burden in the past, sharing my journey and being clear that this is MY journey I think will help this time.

Goals for the month of May!

I have set myself some goals for the month of May and 3 days in I am smashing them like a boss hahahahahahaha!!

  • Drink more water aim for at least 1 litre of plain water per day

  • Exceed 10000 steps to improve time on my feet

  • Lose 6-8lbs

  • Run 4 times per week

Nae bother!!

So if you have done a Marathon and have any tips please feel free to share, all advice is welcome. I am excited and terrified in equal measure but for once in my life I actually believe I will do this!

Keep tuned for my Monday musings and this time next year I will be Marathon ready :)

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