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Maw Jiggly's Marathon Musings 💞

It's been a while, I am still here, plodding away trying to recover from that bloody Covid. I think I am on the up now though thankfully.

Week 5 of Marathon training and so far so good I think! I have got a good routine, have managed all my runs and am adding in Pilates and Spin for good measure, now if I could get my eating under control I'd be quid's in as they say!

It's coming up to a super busy time so I am basically planning ahead weeks in advance so I commit to my runs and they are scheduled to be done. It's funny because as much as you try not to let it take over your life, it is your life, it has to be. I have chosen to take on this challenge and I know as it stands at the moment I will not do a marathon that I will be happy with, but if I continue to execute the plan and be true to myself then I will start on Sunday 29th May knowing I have done my best, and as I always tell my girls, your best is always good enough.

I wish I had some funny stories to share with you but not as yet it's all been about recovering from Covid and a frozen shoulder and to be honest the marathon group hasn't really had much of a chance to be together yet. The groups I have been running with though are amazing, what an amazing bunch of supportive girls we have. They know I have been struggling and all have my back to help me get back to full fitness, even if it does feel like some of them are trying to kill me at points haha x

So I need to make a more of an effort to keep up the blog, bring you some tales of the journey and keep a record for me to look back at and remember my journey, but for now there is no new distance yet so its all tickety this space haha xx

Have a great week ❤️

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