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Maw Jiggly’s Musings 😀

It is here.........the Half Marathon graduation is this Sunday 💞 20 weeks of self discipline, commitment and a lot of sheer bloody mindedness is what has got our ladies to that start line on Sunday! I hope they are all as proud of themselves as we are of them. Starting the training during lockdown was always a gamble. The uncertainty we are constantly surrounded by and only having the team digitally meant the mental strength you needed is far more than it would normally be, don‘t get me wrong in normal circumstances you need good mental strength but now more than ever they needed to have a real desire to do it! Trusting the process and making the commitment to yourself is what will get you through anything you want to achieve in life, I know life gets in the way but organisation, planning and often a bit of good luck is a great starting point 💞💞

13.1 miles is not a gentle stroll in the park, it is a serious athletic undertaking so girls I hope you are super proud of yourself 🥰

What I love about our group is that most people come to our group nervous, with little expectation of themselves then week by week they surprise themselves then woman who thought they couldn’t run a minute find themselves running 20 then a 5k then they become hungry for more a 10k then some go for the Half 💞 You will never be expected to do anything you don’t want to but you will equally be encouraged by anything you do take on 💞

As you know I have taken the plunge and signed up for the marathon, I never thought I would in a million years but I know with commitment and the support of the group I will get from A-B!

But for this week the blog is not about me but about the amazing achievements of all our girls who have taken on the Half Marathon and have exceeded their own expectations 🥰🥰

We have been fundraising for Breast Cancer Now to support our good friend Annette so please share our page far and wide if you can and raise as much money as we can 💞💞

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