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Maw Jiggly's Musings 💞

Yesterday saw our amazing 16 graduates and 6 Jog Leaders take on the Half Marathon distance. The girls have been training for 20 weeks and then on the day the weather was the best it's been for a long time, not great if you are running 13.1 miles though.

Thanks to still being in Level 3 the girls were unable to run together so we split the group and off they set from 2 locations with one goal to complete the challenge. And complete the challenge they did, they were hot and weary but absolutely buzzing at the same time. A great achievement from all, well done girls!

So from Half Marathon to Couch to 5K, our lovely ladies will be graduating this week. It's been a quick 9 weeks and they have done a great job!

Well it occurred to me yesterday that its a year until we take on the marathon, bloody hell that actually terrifies me. Imagine 26.2 miles in yesterday's heat eek!

I set myself a few challenges remember this month, 2 bottles of water and 10000 steps were amongst them and I am pleased to report that I have completed them woohoo! So June I plan to increase my steps to 11000 steps and 3 bottles of water! Still believing that I can do the marathon so far so that's helpful hahaha x

So looking forward to hopefully we will be heading out of Level 3 soon and hopefully the return of Parkrun and organised races to look forward to!

Have a great week!

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