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Meet the Girls 💞

Here’s Carol my Unsung Hero 2020 award winner!

Hi ladies, I’m Carol Mclean I’m 39 years old and joined the Jigglies summer 2019

I’m married to Mikey, we’ve been together 18 years. We’ve got a pretty full on household as Mikey was diagnosed with End Stage Kidney failure and was waiting for a transplant for almost 5 years but an amazing thing happened on the 9th of September! Through a friend he got his transplant but it’s not been as plain sailing as wee thought and we’ve still got a ways ahead. We have two boys Lewis 15 and Jackson 9. Both with additional needs and they keep me on my toes and make me proud everyday day with their amazing characters and everything they do and over come. I’m a Senior Phlebotomist in the Glasgow royal infirmary I’ve been there over 14 years.

I used to run on my own as it helps to clear my head and cope with stress, but after having surgery on my abdomen I couldn’t get back into it the way I used to, my motivation was gone! so thought joining the Jigglies would help give me the push I needed and keep me accountable. I don’t find meeting new people easy, but I made myself attend my first block and haven’t looked back since. The Jigglies gave me something to call mine, running is the only time thats solely for me. A time we all need to have, where your not the mother/wife/carer/employee! Running gave me the escape to get rid of the stress and the headspace to keep sh*t together lol. since joining I completed my 5k in 2019, I did my 10k in 2020 and this year I turn the big 40 so I’m aiming to challenge myself and do the half marathon and hopefully join some of you lovely ladies in supporting your journey in the year ahead! So that’s me! Xx

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