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Meet the Girls 💞

Another one of our wonderful support volunteers for you to meet this week! Jacqueline joined us in January 2020 and is now volunteering and mentoring 10k trainees 🙌🏻

Hi ladies, I am Jacqueline and I am 52 years young 😉 I have been married to David for 28 years and have 3 children. Mark 25, Ryan 22 and Hannah 20. I work full time as Business Support in a health centre.

Few years back I used to run 5Ks then the women’s 10K but then life got in the way and didn’t have time to run. I tried the C25K myself but I was scared to run on my own thinking I was too fat and people would laugh at me. I started with the Jigglys in January 2020 and it took me 4 attempts to join. I kept “chickening” out thinking i’d be too slow, fat or anything else I could think of but I really needn’t have worried. They were so friendly and we had such a laugh which made the runs seem to be over in jig time. When we had to run in our own due to COVID I put on my earphones and just ran to keep my miles, didn’t care what anybody thought. Drivers would pass and toot their horns, I just waved. Please just enjoy your runs. Some will be good, some will be cr#p but the best feeling is when you finish and you feel fantastic. And No JIGGLY IS LEFT BEHIND !!! 😊

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