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Here is an introduction to one of chattiest girls 🥰

Hi Jiggly's 😘 I'm Debbie, the most talkative Jiggly, we won't mention it's the 2nd year running🤫. I'll keep this short & sweet though, that way I'll be sure to have plenty to talk about when I meet you 😉😘 I'm wife to Ryan, (who knows me better than I know myself) and for some strange reason he worships the ground I walk on (even though I do drive him insane 99% of the time 🤷) I'm also one very proud Mum to my 3 gorgeous girls, they are my absolute pride & joy 💕 Cherelle 28, Jordanne 23 & Cheldyn 14. I'm not yet blessed with any Grandchildren but cannot wait until the day that I am🍼🤱Who knows maybe one of you feel the same, and we could pair your son up with one of my girls 😉😉 I'm also proud turtle Mum to my handsome boy Tim 🐢. There's no female turtle having my boy though so I won't ever be a turtle Grandmother 🐢🐢 I'm also very lucky at the age of 46 to still have both my parents Ricky & Rita who are my world 🌍🤗 I was recently made redundant due to Covid however I'm looking at it as early retirement instead of dwelling on things we can't change. My trade is hairdressing which I done on top of working in the restaurant, however I've not done that either for the past year thanks to Covid too. I'm just grateful though it hasn't took any of my family and that's the most important thing ❤️ On to my running journey 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ I joined Jiggly's in 2019 after knowing Elaine and her amazing husband James (Papa Jiggly) for several years. I found both of their weight loss journeys a total inspiration and decided to follow in their footsteps with the running. My only regret about joining was that I didn't do it sooner 😓 I have honestly met the most amazing girls who have definitely been the best part of my journey. Thanks to their support & encouragement I have ran several 5ks & completed my first official 10k in November last year, with the help of the best buddy's I could've hoped for (Kate & Denise) The run itself was horrendous but the chat & banter was flowing, to me that's the best and most important part of any run. I am now training for the HM which I'm finding tough already, but as the saying goes 'no pain no gain' 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ Well ladies I think that's enough from me since I did say at the start I'll keep this short & sweet (believe me this is short for me 😉) One thing I will add though before I finish is "Don't compare yourself to others" . It doesn't matter what we achieve as long as we give it our best then that's all that matters. Smile, enjoy & be happy 🥰 Stay safe girls & take care of you & your family 💕 lots of love Debbie xxxx

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