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Meet the Girls 💞

Our next Jiggly is a lady who has faced more than most in her life but comes to group with a smile and an encouraging word for everyone 🥰

Hi fellow Jigglies Im Denise 👋and became a Jiggly in September 2019 after meeting Elaine at our boys Rugby training went out the following week and got hooked right away it was something I had been looking for - to join a fitness group and be part of an amazing group of people. I live in Budhill, married with a wild child CJ who is my wee miracle baby boy. Being diagnosed with cervical cancer when I was 26 was told I was that far that I would need to get a hysterectomy, but I was just getting married and totally devasted as all I want was to be a mummy. Decided to get a 2nd opinion and with the help of an amazing doctor and the amazing world of IVF it was possible. After operations and cancer treatments along with 10 shots of IVF it was still possibly. Drained the life out of us (and the pennies) tho I never wanted to give up if I could produce great eggs and embryos there was still a chance. After our 3rd treatment cycle we had to accept that it was impossible to carry a baby. Then the unthinkable happened my brother and sister in law had a conversation with us and offered to carry our baby through surrogacy, we couldn’t believe it how lucky we were. Lynda was a great oven best ever, she cooked good babies as we called her (her choice)🤣 , but sadly miscarried 2 times with 2 trys. Gave up all hopes, she tried again and BOOM CJ Coleman was born and cooked up good, she is an angel for what she has done for us and would love to say he is too (more like the devil child) lol love him so much. Since he was born the cancer came back got a full hysterectomy and all clear. Dealt with a few health problems, minor stroke, back operation so obviously never missed catching covid last year which made me miss a few months running which I hated so much, everything I had went through gave my a big kick up the bum to ensure that I can only push and do the best I can do for myself. Also, Since last lock down we had a new addition to our family, we rescued a Siberian Husky called her Luna she is almost 2 in and has energy of a million Durrell battery rabbits, so if you see a husky 🐺 dragging a Jiggly around the east end its Luna, she is an amazing running buddy. Since I have joined the club I have made such amazing friends I hope will meet many more this year once we are allowed. I love the support the club gives you and there is always someone who can help, advise, buddy up with, sorry tried to cram my 42 years into a wee story not good at that lol xx

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Mar 13, 2021

What a real heart warming story Denise xx

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