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Meet the Girls 💞

Next up is Kerry who will be at Tollcross on a Monday and Wednesday for all you lovely newbies x

Hi, I’m Kerry Macfarlane. I am originally from Fort William (just a random fun fact lol). I am a child development officer (nursery nurse in old money) and currently work in a Glasgow city council primary school. I love my job and though it can be very stressful it is just as rewarding. I am a good listener and like to try and help others when I can. I have been part of the jiggly family since Feb 2019. I always thought and believed I would never want or be able to run anything more than a 5k. In 2019 I completed my c25k journey and continued on with park runs. I kicked off 2020 with a park run on New Year’s Day and my New Years resolution was to run more (frequently). Then lockdown happened 🥲. I didn’t run as much as I wanted to. So when jigglies were able to get groups back up and running in august I made a new resolution for myself to get back into my running and challenge myself. I am now a support squad volunteer and hope to become a jog leader in the future. I have challenged myself beyond my 5k distance and have a couple of planned 10k runs coming up. It has been with the encouragement of the group that I have been motivated and spurred to get back to it and I know that with the support of the other jigglies around me that I can do it. I enjoy and I am proud to be part of team jiggly.

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