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Meet the Girls 💞

Next up is Angela

who will be helping to look after our new Tollcross Group💞

Hi ladies My name is Angela Gallagher, I am 37 years old. I work for Glasgow City Council and have done so for the past 19 years. (Full life sentence & then some) 😂. I also have the pleasure of being a mum to the best two boys I could’ve ever asked for Thomas who is 18 & Cole who is 10. I have struggled with my fitness for a long time now and I had convinced myself I could not run. I had seen the jiggly crew jogging a few times and kept thinking I could join that, but had no idea where to join, then one night I spotted a girl from work jogging. BOOM I had someone to go with 😂. I have gone from not being able to jog the length of myself to completing C25K then on to do many a 5k and most recently a number of 10k’s and also becoming a jog leader to help support others in our group. I could not have got where I am today with my jogging without the help & encouragement of my fellow jigglies Thank you all ❤️ xx

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