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Hey everyone! It's your girl Katie! My full name is Kathleen O'Hare and I've lived in the east end of Glasgow all my 31 & 1/2 years. I've been with my boyfriend, Marc, for 10 years and he is definitely my biggest fan and cheerleader. I work for a large UK motor insurance company and my job is to deal with motor accident after they've happened. I investigate responsibility, have the arguments with other companies and sometimes have to deliver the really bad news. I joined the Jigglies in the July of 2019 after a lot of humming and hawing which has turned out to be one of the best thing in my life. When I was young I was always jealous of those in school who could run. I would hide away and 'forget' my gym shoes. I would avoid being the one at the back for fear of being ridiciculed that I wasn't good or fast enough to keep up with my peers. Fast forward to me reaching my 30th birthday, feeling low and anxious of my increasing waist size, my mental health was also starting to take a big dip due the stress of my demanding job and was in dire need of a stress reliever. It was my sister that mentioned a running group in the local area that her friend had joined, a group to help me learn about efficient running and to help me to train for a 5k. I took the leap and joined the event that was on facebook. Elaine checked in to make sure I was ready (I didn't think I was) and I was able to attend the first Wednesday and that was me, hooked in. In no way did I think I could get past week one, let alone being able to run countless 5k's to date. I am so proud to call myself a Jiggly Jogger and to be a part of this wonderful community of strong and supportive women. This year, despite COVID, I was able to step up to be a Jiggly support team member to help with the ever growing size of our group and I've loved it. I've even gone and completed training to be a Jog Leader so I hope I make you all proud to know me and to be led by me at some point in the future.

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