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Meet the Girls 💞

Another one of our amazing jog leaders to be 😀

Hi ladies, I’m Joanne and I joined the Jiggly Joggers in Jan 2019, when I happen to hear Elaine and Annette Campbell talking about the group at slimming world, sitting there I thought I'm going to that . I live with my fiance Steven and our 2 boys Nathan 14 and Adam 8 and our shihtzu Olly. Both Nathan and his dad love watching and playing football Nathan currently plays for Cumbernauld colts, Adam on the other hand dislikes football, we find it really diffucult to get Adam to get to clubs being autistic he does not like meeting new people or environments he does not know. Both boys have a chest condition called bronchiectasis which keeps us busy with their medication and physio 3 times a day. I currently work as a full time dental nurse with NHS Lanarkshire been so for 20 years. When hearing about the group I decided there was no time like the present to turn my life around, my mental health was deteriorating, we only had found out about Adam's autism in the November 2018. I needed me time also the thought of turning 40 in February 2020 help give me the kick up the ass I needed. I cant believe how far I have came numerous 5k, 10k and also 2 half marathons, I will never say to a marathon maybe in a few years lol.

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