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Pause over..........

We have had an in house Jiggly circuit breaker as it were for 3 weeks and now we are going back to small groups tomorrow to help our newbies complete what must feel like the longest Couch to 5k in history!

We were running a competition over the 3 weeks with newbies versus oldies to see who could complete the most miles..........some of our girls are clearly very competitive!

Our winners are Kelly Ann for the newbies and Mhairi for the oldies and Group 2 (the oldies won the most miles).......all a good bit of fun so now need to get my thinking cap on for a November challenge!

Over the coming weeks in this blog I will start to introduce you to some of our girls and you can see that there is a place for everyone in the Jiggly's!

We aren't starting anymore beginner blocks until 2021 now simply down to the current public health crisis we are still living through. We do however have a walking group who are always keen to welcome new members if you want to get started with something and if you are already running 5K and are looking for a running buddy please get in touch and see if we can help.

We received our trophy this week as well which is lovely and shiny and new :)

So fingers crossed we can get out running safely and getting that much needed head space we all need right now!

Stay safe everyone xx

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