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Welcome to Jiggly Joggers

Finding Inspiration in Every Run

Welcome to the Jiggly's. This is the first step to a new you! Let me take you through a few things before you begin with us. To get you started with us I need you to fill out the registration form which will then direct you to pay your membership fee. Once you have done that I will approve your access and you can book your first session via the schedule. Ahead of coming along to your first session I also need you to complete a PARQ and register with Jog Scotland Then the rest will all take care of itself!

We run from 3 areas on a Monday, Shettleston, Ruchazie and Easterhouse. You are welcome to go to any area with the exception of Couch to 5K and Walking as that only runs from Shettleston.

Wednesdays we bring the whole group together at Shettleston.

We ask you to come along to group at least once a week, this allows you to benefit from the group as well as maintains/improves your fitness. Make the commitment to yourself!

What can you expect……….to be nervous, to be excited, to change your mind 100 times, well don’t change your mind, the hardest bit is turning up the first day, when you do and you realise that we are all the same as you the nerves will ease and hopefully that will be the start of a fabulous journey for you. Now do not compare yourself to others, everyone’s journey is relative to them, and everyone has their own reasons for doing it. Just come along, have no expectation in yourself and then be amazed at what you can achieve.

What do I expect from you………………just the basic things like, be kind and courteous to others, no judgement and just enjoy yourself. Do not chuck it without talking to me, too many people walk away because the mind takes over the reality. It is hard, it always will be hard because once you start to find it easy you challenge yourself more…….thats just how it works.

Most importantly of course is have fun! So that’s you good to go. Make sure you are dressed appropriately, decent trainers, a good sports bra and whatever you are comfortable in.

Please bring water. There are no toilets at any of the areas so pee before you come!


Meet The Jog Leaders

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