Our Aims

How Jiggly Joggers Began...

Jiggly Joggers CIC is a community based walking/jogging/running network founded in Feb 2018 by Elaine Leitch. We are affiliated to Jog Scotland and have recently joined the Shettleston Community Sports Hub.


Having had a previous poor experience trying out running in the past I felt that surely I wasn’t the only one who would feel they didn’t have what it took to join a running club so what did I do……..I made my own 😊

So here’s a bit of background which I always think is helpful in easing any anxieties you may have.


I am Elaine, 42 and I am originally from Fife.  I am married with 2 kids and 2 dogs. My daughter has Aspergers Syndrome and that is a fairly recent diagnosis so its all a learning curve.  I have a condition called Hashimotos Thyroditis which means my body attacks my thyroid gland however I don't lie down to it, I simply get on with it :) 


I tried running years ago, joined a group that was a 'beginners' group Couch to 10k.........awful!!


It was torture, I was unfit and overweight, everything hurt and it wasn't a very inclusive group for the likes of me!......or at least that was my perception at the time. So that was that, chucked and I was never doing that again. A few years passed and I was heading to 40......it was time to get Fit for 40 because lets face it I am not getting any younger, at that point I though, surely I can run it cant be that hard, so Jan 2017 I took myself back to the gym to work on my cardio fitness then May I downloaded the Couch to 5k app and I haven't looked back since.


Don't get me wrong it wasn't and still isn't an easy journey, initially I would go out early morning because I was embarrassed and I didn't want anyone to see me, I refused to run with anyone as I was too slow etc etc and then one day something just clicked, I realised that anyone that had a problem with me running in the street clearly had a bigger problem than me.  My friend then eventually ground me down and I went with her and that was a game changer, as I struggled she bounced along beside me chatting in my ear, and before I knew it we were done.......distraction technique was my saviour!

Now its not all a fairy story, it is difficult and running carrying extra weight is hard work however the benefits far outweigh the negatives. I started the Jiggly's because I was very aware that I wouldn't be the only one who felt like me, I wanted to create a community where woman who wouldn't necessarily join a running club could have a place where they felt they belonged. Jiggly's is a social running group where the emphasis is and always will be that your best is all you can give and your best is always good enough. There are no time limits, there are no expectations, everything is about you becoming part of the team. So put any anxieties you may have to the side and come and have a laugh along your way to 5k!

The aims of Jiggly Joggers are simple:

  • Improve your physical & mental health through jogging and walking.

  • Reclaim an hour or so a week as yours.

  • Challenge yourself.

  • Have fun!

Life becomes very busy and before you know it you have done more for others in a day than you do for yourself in a week, this is where Jiggly Joggers becomes more than just a jogging group, it becomes your place. The peer support within this group is above and beyond anything you could ever imagine. The hardest step is the first one you take to the meeting place…..the rest takes care of itself.

Jiggly Joggers will also be able to offer volunteering opportunities within the group should you wish.

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