What we offer?

  • Couch to 5K (block booking)

  • 5K Mixed Ability (sessions run weekly)

  • 10K Training (block booking)

  • Half Marathon Training (block booking)

  • Walking Group (sessions run weekly)


Thanks to the National Lottery we have received some funding which means we are able to break down any financial barrier there may be to joining.

Couch to 5K                         

£20 for 10 week block includes t-shirt, medal and certificate.

After you have completed Couch to 5k you can then become a full member.

Full membership                    

£30 per year/£20 for walking group, this will be waived for any new member until August 2022. Details on application.

Full members can undertake the following:

10k Training                

£10 for 12 week block including t-shirt, medal & certificate

Half Marathon training

£10 for 20 week block including t-shirt, medal & certificate


New members are always welcome,

if you already jogging/running 5k you can join as a full member straight away.