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2020 has been a year of uncertainty and a challenge for everyone in many different ways! Myself and my family have been very lucky that we have kept our health, our jobs and we have rebonded as a unit. I appreciate that not everyone is in the same boat so where we can help we will 💞

The Jiggly‘s have been amazing this year, we have gone from strength to strength, supporting each other and welcoming new members along the way! We are definitely more than just a running group, we offer peer support like nothing you will have come across and real and new friendships are made with genuine ease!

We have raised thousands of pounds for various local charities during the pandemic, we have collected for the food bank, delivered goodies to care homes and generally just pulled together to support the community where we all live 💞💞

I look forward to 2021, welcoming our new ladies and bringing some community fun events when we can 🤞🤞

Fingers crossed we are heading back to a world where we can run freely and enjoy seeing more of our family and friends again soon.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the last couple of years and here’s to many more xx

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