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Maw Jiggly’s Marathon Musings 💞

Only meeeeeee………..I have been rubbish at documenting this journey 🙈🙈 I wanted to keep the blog so I could look back and remember my journey as quite often I forget stuff 😬

Last time I wrote it was Week 5 now we are into Week 11!

Up until the last couple of runs it was going great guns! I managed 10 miles on my own which was a huge step forward for me, james came and met me for the last 3 miles as I had predicted by then I would be falling apart but in actual fact I quite enjoyed it! I felt strong, well after the first 2 miles, and I had made a pact with myself there was to be no arguments with myself! There was no option, it had to be done so chill out and enjoy it!

People are very encouraging as they pass you and then one guy said to me …….you take care hen……well that set me on edge a bit……what did he mean?! Was this an unsafe area?! I hadn’t thought so! Was I about to be murdered?! I haven’t! Or was it just something for him to say lol I think so!

Since I had my booster last week each run has been a struggle so I am putting it down to a combination of that and cheese and wine 😬🙌🙈…………its the holidays and I have kept up regular running so actually must not be too hard on myself!

2022 is almost upon us, no need for me to set goals as it has been well and truly set and in motion, I just need to keep true to the plan and it should all go well!

Will you set goals?!

Do you need to set goals?!

What has Covid got in mind for us this year?!

Whatever the year ahead brings, be happy and be kind because none of us know what lies ahead for us 💞💞

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