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Fingers crossed we'll be back soon :)

2020 has certainly been a different year than I had planned for the Jiggly's! We managed one Couch to 5k block which took us up to the very week of lockdown.

We have managed though to keep our Jiggly spirit alive and well and have achieved some great things through this pandemic. We have seen 2 massive socially distant relays and a successful block of 10k training where our girls starting solo training then we were able to run in 2's then 3's! We currently have 12 girls who have been half marathon training in the same vain but we are lucky now to be able to run in 5's..........fingers crossed we can all run together for our final 13.1 miles on 30th August.

We have managed to get the existing group up and running in small groups of 5 and so far so good! We are hoping that we can get a Couch to 5k group up and running at the start of September, Covid permitting. If you are interested in coming along to our beginner groups please get in touch because I cant allow anyone just to turn up in the current climate, i must have a booking system in place so I can control the numbers. It wont take away from the warm Jiggly welcome you will receive but just need to keep everyone safe!

So fingers crossed that Covid stays under control and we can get more wonderful woman out running!

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