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Jiggly Joggers

Running when you are overweight is well to be honest..........brutal!! I tried running a few years ago and had an exceptionally poor experience, I was super unfit and it hurt like hell, every bit of me ached, the leader of the group i had joined was not a plus sized champion by any manners of means and simply didnt get that people may actually struggle. My legs hurt like hell, I had the rubbish trainers so my feet were agony and all in all it was the worst thing I had ever done. A year or so passed and I still wanted to run, it couldnt be that hard could it....I was 39 and the plan was to be Fit for 40! So off to the gym I went to start my fitness regime and then May 4th 2016 my husband came up to Hogganfield Loch with me and I started the Couch to 5K.......and the rest is history, several 10k's, 2 half marathons and setting up a running group later here I am to share my journey and help others start theirs.

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