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Maw Jiggly's Marathon Musings!

So here we are 3 weeks into my get my body Marathon ready and I put on 3.5lbs........I would love to say it's muscle but is it heck as like, its being away at the weekend and filling my boots!! I had one glass of wine, thank goodness I didn't have any more than that or who knows what the outcome would be! Anyway moan about it, cry about it, it's not going to change it so new week and off we go again!

I have managed to keep up my water intake and 10000 step goal so I am pleased with that, not sure Jacob was loving it in Dundee on Friday night when I still had 4000 steps to go and insisted we must walk until they were complete hahaha!!

So this week I have read a fair few comments and outraged posts about clubs and inclusion which got me thinking about how much we all get our knickers in a twist about such things. It got me thinking about my club too and how as we have evolved over the 3 years, are we inclusive or not?

What makes a club inclusive?

How do clubs get it right for everyone?

Do clubs need to get it right for everyone?

Do we need to break with the 'woe is me' attitude and face up that different people need different things?

Why is it wrong for clubs to want only fast runners?

Now as an advocate for the 'back of the pack' runners, my group was set up to encourage people who couldn't see themselves joining a running club, initially aimed at plus size runners. Now this has evolved over the years and I now have sub 10 minute milers up to 17 minute milers.........and that is great, but how do I deal with that?

Do I need to deal with?

Jiggly Joggers, the clue is in the title really isn't it, we are not an Olympic participation squad we are a squad of women all supporting each other and championing every single achievement. So I don't feel I need to have a fast squad or a less fast squad, we have mixed ability groups and there is no Jiggly left behind, so no one leaves the park until the last Jiggly is back, now they can choose to loop back and run the whole time, pushing themselves to increase distance or they can have a blether at the park, the choice is theirs, as long as each girls gets what she needs from her run and no one feels anything other than included!

Now addressing the questions I asked earlier, I don't know the answer but I think it is okay for clubs to specify requirement, and if that doesn't suit you then don't go. We welcome woman of all shapes and sizes, encouraging everyone to be the best they can be and not compare themselves to anyone else. You have to own your own journey, all I ask is that everyone respects that. We will have a productive and peaceful journey if we allow ourselves to be happy with our own improvements.

That brings me to my upcoming Marathon journey, the girls I am doing it with are all much faster runners than me. So I either let that ruin my journey or from the outset or I make peace with it. My journey will differ from theirs in many ways I am sure. I don't care how long it takes me as long as I don't get swept up by the sweeper bus.........saying that I might want a lift by the end of it!

So we could also discuss inclusivity at races, lot's aren't really aimed at the back of the pack runners but they are generally open about time limits, the fiasco at the London Marathon the other year is not acceptable, you must give each participant the full time to complete, they have trained just as hard if not harder that the front person so fairs fair, but I am heading into the Marathon knowing there is a cut off time, whether the reality is it makes it inclusive for me.........well time will tell as it were!

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