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Maw Jiggly's Marathon Musings

10 weeks into getting my body ready for a Marathon I am 1 stone 6lbs down, have achieved my step goal everyday and have increased it to 11000 steps for June as planned and I am trying my best with the water but that is the one thing that I struggle with, bet it if was prosecco I wouldn't have any issue lol!! I have been to Body Pump and a Stretch class and really enjoyed them so I will continue to keep them in my regime!

I am still convinced I can do this, it still terrifies the life out of me, but I still believe with the right mental attitude and the right preparation anything is possible.

We have had a busy time of late with the Jiggly Joggers, Half Marathon and Couch to 5K graduations, Joanne giving her interview to Sport Scotland on the positive impact running has on her mental health, and last night we kicked off another new Couch to 5K block. We have opened a group at Easterhouse and the feedback was awesome, so thanks to everyone who helps out and to those who are joining us and feeling the Jiggly love!

How's my running going I hear you ask...........pretty good actually, I did 6 miles on Sunday and I really enjoyed it, it was so good running with some of the girls I don't often get a chance to run with, challenging myself a bit then supporting the other girls too. Running is a funny thing, it is very unforgiving, you can have a fab run one day then the next run can be rubbish so always remember that, there are no 2 runs the same and to let's be honest a lot of the time you won't enjoy it until it's done! I am keeping everything crossed that we can see Parkrun return soon and that none of the races I have booked get cancelled. It is really good having something to work towards......

Dunoon 10K Sat 7th August

Run the Blades 10K Friday 3rd September

End to End Virtual 5k Saturday 4th September

Great North Run Sunday 12th September

Scottish 10K Sunday 19th September

Great Scottish Run 3rd October

Womans 10K Sunday 24th October.................yikes!!

I am sitting here chuckling as I have said races, now let's be clear I mean official run's, I ain't racing anyone, I turn up, join in and if I do a bit better in the distance than I have done before then that race was won! By better I also don't mean simply time, I mean things like, did I enjoy it? did I enjoy more of it? did I learn anything? did I set my pace correctly?

When I run with the girls, for me it is not about setting goals, the goal is to cover the distance and have had a good experience with them all, I couldn't care how long these take us...........unless I need the loo then well we need to step it up to a trot :)

When you sign up for a race though that's when you start to think differently about your run, it's not a bad thing, because the only way to improve is to challenge yourself a bit. I would always urge people though not to allow their competitive edge to ruin everything that is good about running, it can become an obsession and that's why within group runs we promote running together and time not being an consideration, unless you are running on closed roads you'll never really know a true difference anyway.

Running is hard work so we need to make sure we can find the fun wherever we can!

Haha have you noticed that my marathon blog is indeed ignoring the actual marathon bit. I have printed off our training plan and as I sit and look at it I think actually that is manageable. I am looking at it thinking, that's okay we don't hit new territory (14 miles) until the first weekend in Feb 2022 we have so got this girls!!

So I will continue to keep working on the weight loss, 11000 step count and water drinking, adding in a couple of gym classes to my running and I think I will be just fine!

Have a fab week xx

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