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Maw Jiggly’s Marathon Musings 💞

So this weekend was my 17th Wedding Anniversary and off James and I went to Musselburgh for a couple of nights, child free for the first time in what feels like forever 😨🤣

Of course that meant we had to have a little scope of parts of the marathon route! Tried out a wee run and to be honest it was awful, I had a bit of a sore tummy which I don’t know if it was heightened by early maranoia or running with James 🤣🤣🙈🙈 anyway it made it all a literal shit experience for me 😰😰

We did however go back and walk through bits and I don’t mind admitting the fear is real! As I drove along to the turning point I am thinking ‘are we nearly there yet’ then driving back was worse thinking can I actually run all of this 🤔🤔

Yes I can, well at least I will definitely give it a good try! I need to be really strict with myself though in training and nutrition because it is a huge undertaking! How do you even eat enough breakfast to see you through a marathon 🤣🤣 I am sure I will find out!!

The marathon aside though I am very excited that the Dunoon 10k is going ahead and then the Great North Run! A bit sad that the route has changed for GNR was hoping to enjoy that run along by the sea to the finish however it is what it is and it’s all about keeping everyone safe 💞💞

I have a 9 mile run to do this week and I am thinking of trying out splitting the run over the day, on Friday the half group are doing 4 miles so if I do 5 in the morning and then 4 with them later that means I can fit it in and the miles are covered! Sometimes the long runs can be difficult to fit it but all training has to work for you so you simply need to execute it the best you can xx

31st July I am taking on the 10 miles as a straight run but I have called in my Jiggly back up for that although my running buddy has a broken toe so I’ll miss Joanne on that one but I am sure the other girls will keep me going 😨😨 the beauty of the Jiggly’s is we promote team work and getting the end result through working as a team 🥰🥰

Weight loss is a bit slow but still 1 stone 6.5 off, put 1lb on this week but considering that I have been away with the kids this week I think that’s a pretty good result 💞💞

I have upped my steps to 12000 now but am aiming to work on daily average rather than obsessing about each day being over, I will try my best though!

Water I am still rubbish at the water drinking but again just keep plodding on with it!

I am motivated that I want to do the marathon and it be successful for me so keep plodding on each week working on the goals and being the best I can be xx

Hope you are enjoying the summer holidays if you get them 💞💞

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1 Comment

Lynne Malcolm
Lynne Malcolm
Jul 17, 2021

You are doing fabulous Elaine xx

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