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Maw Jiggly’s Marathon Musings 💞

I restarted my running journey in May 2017, my first dalliance with running had been a rubbish one so when I tried again I was determined! An operation paused it for a few weeks in jan 2018 then my brainwave of forming the Jiggly’s took hold in the Feb 2018!

I have never found running particularly easy, the slog of plus size running can only ever be appreciated by those who are living it, the feeling of impending doom, the pain, the real effort it takes in every step……’s bloody hard work! What I love about running is supporting people, the thrill of helping someone achieve their goals which often means my goals are never met because I give so much I have nothing left for me……….however today that changed! Well technically a couple of months back that changed. When a wee group of us decided that we would pilot marathon training for the Jiggly’s and I decided hell yeah I want to do this, I had to make changes. I had to start thinking now about how I was going to be able to get through 26.2 miles and survive! It’s a no brainier really, as well as supporting the girls I need to take responsibility for my own runs too and I have been doing that!

Back in 2017 I was a 40-45 min 5k, and that’s okay because time is not important to me, I started to see it go down and then dared to dream of a sub 35 5k, for some of you that may be slow but I don’t deal in fast or slow comparisons 5k is 5k regardless who’s back to get the drinks in first 🤷‍♀️.

Before covid hit my best Parkrun time was 35.37 I was nearly there and I kind of put it off and thought I’ll get there!

I am doing GNR in September so my training is a bit ahead of our girls who had been aiming for GSR so I have been splitting my long runs to be able to support them and still get the miles in my legs so today I was due for 7 miles, it’s 4 miles with the group tonight so because of the heat I thought I will do 3 this morning myself……….nearly didn’t go then started, blowing out my backside up Hallhill Rd thinking what is going on, hmmmm I think I am going faster right well just keep pushing let’s see what you have got and the picture of my watch ends the story 😀😀😀

I am absolutely buzzing and to be fair have no idea where it came from but today I pushed myself on and dared to believe that sub 35 could be mine and it was 💞💞

So keep positive, trust the process and dare to believe and anything is possible!!

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