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Meet the girls 💞

Here is another one of our amazing Jog Leaders 🥰

Hi Ladies, I’m Debra (the one with the funny accent), I am 48 years old and I joined the Jiggly Joggers as an established runner in August 2019 after seeing the ladies running through my neighbourhood. I hadalways been looking for a local group to join and when I spotted the group of pink t-shirts…I knew that was the group to join…and since then I haven’t looked back. I’m originally from Seattle, Washington and have lived in the UK overall for 19 years but have lived in the Sandyhills area for the past 12 years with my partner Steven, my 14-year-old son Ryan, a.k.a. my rock, and our dog Harry. I work for North Lanarkshire Council as a Locality Support Worker (Disabilities) working with Young and Older Adults with disabilities …but prior to that I worked for one of the University’s in Glasgow. I have always been told I have a passion for people and when I was made redundant from my University role. I followed my heart and started to work for the Council. Every day is different in my role and everyday has its challenges which are more than everjust now with COVID. Overall, I have never in my life enjoyed a job as much as I do now. What got me into running? Well, a few things….my son at the age of 6 was diagnosed with Autism. He’s on the low spectrum, but Ryan still struggles day to day with normal tasks that some of us wouldn’t. As a parent and having a child with Autism has its challenges but also has it’s rewarding moments too. Then there is my mum a.k.a. best friend - She is a huge reason why I got into to running. About 6 years ago my mum was diagnosed with Dementia and needless to say my world came crashing down on mein so many ways. When I found this out, I closed down and shut the world out completely, including my own family. I have never in my life with being 4000 miles away from my mum felt so helpless. I had so much anger in me that I had to figure out a way to release it ….so this led me to donning a pair of trainers and hitting the pavement having never ran in my life. In fact, I was one of those girls in gym class that would try anything to get out of running activities. I didn’t just take up running to release my anger, but I also wanted to do something that I could to showand share with my mum and son. As we know Dementia deteriorates the memory and Autism brings challenges. So, I wanted to be able to show and share with my mum my journey with photos and stories that I type out so my brother can read and show to her. Ryan - I wanted to show Ryan that if you apply yourself and with support you can overcome your fears and challenges in some shape or form. Ryan used to play football for 3 ½ years but with Autism the shooting and the quick direction changesbecame too much for him. So along with running, as a family we all joined Sandyhills Outdoor Bowling Club. My partner and son have been members for many years now…me I just joined the Ladies team at the end of 2019. Within those years of Ryan being amember, he has become Junior Champion and me on the other hand, I still have a lot to learn (I think I will stick to running) 😊 So, 6 years into running. I have taken part in Half Marathons, 10k’s, 5K’s and virtual relays and the feeling after each race is absolutely amazing and I haven’t looked back!!! Next goal is do a Marathon or two. Since being with the Jiggly Joggers, I have become a Jog Leader and completed my Jog Leader Training, won an award for Entertainer of the Year and most of all have supported a lot of amazing ladies in so many different journeys …. but most of all I have a family for life along with some amazing close and dearest friends x some amazing close and dearest friends x

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