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Meet the Girls 💞

Here is one of our Half Marathon girls 💞

Hi, My name is Dionne and I am 35 years old. I live with my partner Sean and my wee girl Saoirse who is just over one year old. We live in Carntyne and we moved back here about a year ago to be nearer family/babysitters 🤪. After having Saoirse I decided I would try couch to 5k. I have had two serious back injuries in my past and did not expect to be able to go beyond one run. Anyway, I started my journey and as we all do I was puffed out after 3 mins. When I ran that first 20 mins I almost couldn’t believe I managed it. This process was working. Finally I managed my 5k. I was officially a runner. Usain Bolt had nothing on me!

Since then I have kept running and decided to join jigglies last year. On my first night I met the lovely Elaine and the nerves just disappeared. As a result I managed a 10k. So why not try the half marathon? Well this has been a challenge but again the programme we are following seems to be working and I again have had moments of ‘how did I just do that’!

Since joining jigglies I have had so many fun runs and met some fab girls.

Out with jigglies as I said I am a mama to my girl and my two furry babies. You may see me running with my spotty pal Bella.

During the day I work full time as a solicitor and I swear I dont get a minute to breath. Lockdown has made my job just insanely busy and I am so grateful to have had this group to help me through some tough lock down days. Meeting Victoria at night time to buddy up has been a wee life line that I have so needed!

Anyway, finally, I like gin, I talk about going to the loo ALOT🤪 (sorry to everyone affected 🤣🤣), I do pole fitness and love spending time with my family.

Looking forward to meeting more jigglies this year ❤️ and also seeing where I can take my running journey to... obviously via all the toilets!

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