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Meet the Girls 💞

Hi everyone my name is Sandra (aka Sandra C). I am 43. I am married to Jim and have been for 24 years but together for 30 years!!! He was my childhood sweetheart ❤.  We have a son James who is 22 and our daughter Emma who is 15 and of course our 3 furbabies Rocky, Scooter and Milo whom we adore. I am still in shock when I say we have 3 dogs xxx🐶❤.

I am an Employment Paralegal in a busy law firm which brings lots of stresses for me daily and working from home just now every day morphs into one 😪.

In 2019 my buddy Sandra B kept telling me about the Jigglys and listening to her I thought why not give it a go I wanted to meet new people and to do something for myself which was not being a mum or work related and also I thought it would help me with my weight which I struggle every day with.

At that time my husband had signed me and him along with James up to do the Great Scottish Run..... a bloody half marathon...what was I thinking..... at that stage all I could do was a bit of a run and a walk for a few minutes at a time but I was not going to be beaten I had to prove to myself I could do this.

On joining the Jigglys I met loads of lovely girls all who were very supportive of one another which was lovely, it just felt like a family from the beginning. I felt part of it from the word go. I let Elaine know I was doing the GSR and  she helped me with a plan to get prepared for it. It later found out another jiggly Annette Munoz was also doing the GSR. I had never met Annette at the group but on the day through all those thousands of people we managed to meet up and ran the GSR together and a friendship was formed that day, she has a special place in my heart ❤.  Well we bloody did it. Completed a half marathon!! It was one of the hardest things I have done but what an achievement so much so I got a tattoo as I was just so proud of myself. It reminds me daily of what I can achieve.

In the same year I completed the Strathclyde Park Half Marathon with my hubby but the best thing about that day was the jiggly love that was waiting for me at the finish line!!! Again this just shows the support everyone gives in all that we do.

Joining the jigglys is one of the best things I have ever done. The love and support you get is second to none. It's hard and there are times I have thought running wasn't for me but it's what keeps me going, the chat, the support and how it makes me feel mentally.

I joined the Jigglys in the summer of 2019

And I am proud to be a Jiggly xxx🏃‍♀️❤️

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