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Meet the Girls 💞

One of our fabulous 10K Graduates 🥰

Hi I’m Angela, 44 years old and a Lead Practitioner within early years. I am an busy mum of 3 and a dog and have only just come to realise the importance of self care. I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember and always wanted to be able to run/jog to boost my weight loss. Every time I start running I give up after a few weeks, sometimes days lol. However since joining jiggly joggers I have never given up as I have had amazing support from everyone and have never felt like I was too slow or unfit to do it. It has also supported my mental health and anxiety. I can’t believe I am about to graduate my 10K run next week. Jiggly joggers is an amazing way to develop your running but also socialise with others with similar interest.

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