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Meet the Girls 💞

Hello Jiggly’s, I’m Nadeen and I joined the Jiggly Joggers in September 2018 after hearing about it from my friends Colette and Nicola T. I’m 36 originally from Easterhouse but I now live in Gartcosh with my partner James, son Corey and my wee dog Jock. I work in a large nursery in Glasgow and I’ve been working in nurseries for the last 15 years.

I initially joined the group after Colette and Nicola told me they had joined and it was great. I had done some running on my own prior to joining the Jigglys but had struggled to stay motivated. On my initial run I felt nervous as I worried about holding people back but after the first run all of the anxiety I had disappeared and I heard

“No Jiggly left behind!”

I then went on to complete the C25K programme which ended with my first park run at Strathclyde Park in November 2018. Since then I’ve completed many park runs at different locations which has allowed me to achieve goals and meet the most amazing people and friends.

Currently I’ve completed 2 blocks of 10K training which has been challenging at times but there’s no better feeling than when you’ve complete the programme with a great group of people. Next steps for my running journey could possibly include half marathon training which I can’t actually believe I’m saying but as they say believe and achieve.

The Jiggly Joggers has something for everyone. It’s an inclusive and very welcoming group where you will be greeted with a smile and a great big dose of encouragement if needed. In the group there’s a place and a pace for all abilities where you can set targets and reach personal goals. I would recommend it to anyone if they have a desire to become and stay active.

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