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Meet the Girls 💞

Here’s another one of our amazing Half Marathon girls 💞

Hey I am Lisa. I joined the jigglys in 2018. Not actually realising I was joining a group. My sister had just said she was running with girls from work and I said I'll come with you. I realised when I seen Elaine handing out forms after I had already been a few times. I then asked my sister is this an actual organisated group. Tbh I just thought Elaine just liked to tell us what to do. But here I am now training for half marathon.

I work for Glasgow City Council a job I started in September 2019 so I have been out the office longer than I was in it.

I have a little boy Josh who will be 4 in August. He is a crazy boy that keeps me on my toes.

I will hopefully be getting married to Craig October 13th in Cyprus as long as covid allows! So if you're running with me be prepared for wedding chat. Chat in general cause I talk alot to distract myself from how far I have left to run.

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