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Meet the Girls 💞

Another one of our fantastic Half Marathon girls 🥰

Hi, I’m Vicky and I’ve been a jiggly jogger since September 2019. I joined up on my own and was very nervous but Elaine made me feel very welcome. It was a relief to see so many smiling faces.

I am currently training for the Half Marathon, which I swore I would never do. “I’m not a runner” is a phrase I often use. Training during lockdown was really difficult but my training buddy, Dionne, got me through it! Even in the torrential rain we still managed to have a laugh! Now that we are allowed to run in groups again, it’s been great getting to know lots of other jigglers, they really are a supportive group and make the runs fun! I couldn’t do it without them.

A wee bit more about me...

I am a teacher and I love my job. I love working with children, it’s very rewarding. It’s really challenging at times but I work in a great school. I worked abroad for many years but I love being back in Glasgow.

Most weekends are spent catching up with family and friends, usually drinking and eating too much! And if I’m not out eating, drinking or running, I’m out walking wee Poppy. 🐶

I love travelling and I have visited lots of amazing places. I’m looking forward to organising more holidays as soon as we are able to. 😎

Hope to meet more of you soon xx

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