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Meet the Girls 💞

Today we have another girl who like Charmaine only joined us at the start of this year and has smashed her goals 🥰

Hi everyone, my name is Emma jane macdonald. I started my jiggly journey in January 2020 and have absolutely loved it! I am originally from Livingston and moved to Glasgow 2 years ago. I am a primary teacher in a language and communication resource, everyday is different which I absolutely love. Some days are very stressful, but I try and find the positive in every day. Sometimes I have to look a wee bit harder.

I joined the Jiggly’s because I was becoming bored with the gym and after some encouragement and someone told me that I could go to the pub after park runs I joined and didn’t look back. I had absolutely no idea how much I would fall in love with the journey. The advice, guidance and support has seen me run two half marathons this year which I still can’t believe I done it! I have made friends for life and the support has been fantastic.

My piece of advice would be; trust the progress it will be worth it when you smash goals you thought were impossible! and never trust me if I say I know where I am going! 😂😂

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