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Hi Jiggly’s, I’m Megan (or Annette’s daughter to most of you🤣) I’m 22 and live in Garthamlock!

I currently work in Pandora but I am hopefully starting a new adventure very soon! With the inspiration from my amazing Mum, Elaine and all the other girls I joined the jiggles back in January this year with my friend Heather and took part in the first Virtual C25K due to Covid! Before this I was always a walker wether it be long distances or shorter walks with Charlie, our King Charles Spaniel. After the first few runs I definitely never thought I would ever be able to run a 5k but with the amazing help from the group I Graduated from my C25K in March and now do mixed ability groups and some of the runs with the new C25K group😁 I am so glad I made the decision to join after cheering everyone on from the side lines for all these years! I Have met some of the nicest, most loving people and can’t wait to meet even more of you all soon and see where my jiggly journey takes me💗💗

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