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Meet the Member 💞

Meet another one of our girls who joined us on our virtual journey at the start of the year 🥰

Hay girls, I’m Heather, I’m 22 and I live in Carntyne and I currently work in pandora💓

I took part in the first virtual C25k due to Covid back in January this year with my friend Megan. Before this I definitely wasn’t a run and wasn’t much into walking either a short walk with my dog max was far enough for me 😂. After my first run I definitely did not think I would be able to manage the 5k at all but with the help and support fTom the C25k group and Megan😇 I got there in the end and graduated in March ☺️💖and now do mixed ability groups. I am so glad I joined, met so many great people and can’t wait to meet more of you soon 💓💓

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