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Meet the Member 💞

Here is another of our meet the members… meet the lovely Victoria ⬇️⬇️

Hi everyone, I'm Victoria, I'm a 45 year old mum to Sebastian (8 going on 18) and an assistant manager for a property management company. I've been working from home all through lockdown which has been a challenge in itself. With work, being a mum and my folks life can be pretty busy, my mums a marketplace fiend and I'm her wingman ☺ I still needed a time out and needed to exercise and was introduced to Jiggly Joggers by another school mum, Kim Turkington. Not being a runner I was worried I could do it, bit this group, these ladies, are amazing. I love it. Love the groups. Love the chat and the buzz. Best thing I ever did joining in January, graduated in March and now being roped into 10k.......Will I manage? 🤔

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