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Hi everyone,

Well its been a busy busy time! Lots of runs completed and hurtling towards the end of my #mylesformegan challenge. I will be completing it at Kirkcaldy Parkrun on November 16th if anyone would like to join me! This year my plan was to bring down my 5 and 10K times and feel I have successfully done that, so next year is the year of the half marathons eek!!! then possibly 2021 will be a marathon year...…..I cant believe I am actually writing that :)

What happening with Jiggly Joggers then...……. the running group is going from strength to strength, we are on our last C25K of the year with a whopping 23 new ladies! We have 70 ladies who run with us now, some sticking to 5k and other branching out to 10k and Half Marathon distances. There are a group of us heading down to Liverpool in May to do the Rock n Roll Half Marathon and loads signed up for Glasgow next year. This year we have had girls complete Dunoon, Cumbernauld, Paisley and Glasgow 10k's, as well as a few doing Glasgow Half Marathon it has been a hugely rewarding time watching the girls grow in confidence and belief in their own ability. The group is designed to encourage ladies of all shapes and sizes to get out and be the best they can be, we have no rules on speed or time, its all about completing it in the time it takes you #nojigglyleftbehind

Jiggly Joggers Food & Fitness is a separate group I run, absolutely separate to the running group I will not promote it within the running group so don't be worrying about that! It is online weight loss coaching, working with you to overhaul the way you eat, organise your week and support you through one of the toughest journeys of your life.

In other news I am quietly working away in the background planning my Jiggly Joggers brand of Activewear, hopefully 2020 will see Jiggly Joggers branching out.

Jiggly Joggers may be growing as a brand but please be assured if you want to come along to the running group that will always remain true to being a non profit group, we take a small collection but that is to buy things for the group, you will never be under any pressure to buy anything, its all about being part of a wonderful team who will become life long friends!

Elaine x

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