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Whats been happening during Covid?

As group activity was suspended during the global pandemic we had to find a different way

of keeping the group together……apart!

In the beginning we started Fun Fridays a chance to get together on zoom and play bingo or

a quiz.

We then started then to support each other using our social media group on solo runs. We

undertook 2 socially distant relays and raised money for CHAS and Gladigators (a local

charity providing hot lunches for kids in the area).

We collected for the foodbank, we dropped off goodies to staff in 3 of the local care homes.

We embedded ourselves within the community we live, helping where we could.

As restrictions eased, we started to run again in 2’s, 3’s and now 5’s. As we slowly get used

to our new normal, we are keen to invite new members to come and join us. We are starting

our next lot of Couch to 5k week beginning Monday 31st August with new smaller groups,

social distancing and strict booking procedures. The aim is to help more woman out in a

group setting whilst keeping it safe for everyone to do so.

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