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Where it all began....... So below is the first blog post I wrote when I started 😬

Fit for 40!

So I am overweight and steadily marching my way to the grand old age of 40! This I do not have a problem with…….the age bit that is! The fat bit has to change!! I however am bloody rubbish at losing it and keeping it off……..I have dropped a few stone put it back on a couple of times since I had my kids but now it’s time to stop making bloody excuses and make life changes that will see me fight the fat!! 

2 kids, 1 dog and a husband that’s a lot to live for so if I don’t make the changes now I stand to miss out on loads of fun stuff!

From January I plan to write in this blog……track my eating habits, excersise efforts and generally use it as a support tool! Also use it for reflection, I am quite an emotional person, hahaha quite, that’s an understatement!! I need to sort out in my mind who I want to be and remember who I am! Trying to help everyone just bites you in the arse and you are the one left wondering what did I do!! So toughen up is on the agenda too!!

So have a great Christmas and I’ll see you in the New Year!! 📷📷


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9 thoughts on “Fit for 40!”

Good luck Elaine! You CAN do it! X

Go for it girl!

Go for it! You can do it! X

Go for it Elaine! Feel free to come to any of my yoga classes, others have found, as did I when I began many years ago, that yoga is a brilliant antecedent to doing more physical activity and to motivation. You can do it. 📷

Thanks so much Helen, I have thought about incorporating yoga however it does slightly terrify me as I haven’t done it before! Let me know where I can find details xx

Well done honey, hope I can do as well as you xx

Good for you hunni. Wish I’d started before 40! Never too late though 📷

We can help each other Lisa xx

Go for it, Elaine. xx

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